What is Imagine My City?

Imagine My City is a not-for-profit organization driven to enable and increase productive and meaningful community-based collaboration in issues related to our built environment. We consider the city, which is made up of complex networks of people, places and things, a creative laboratory where the public have a crucial role in imagining, funding, proposing and disseminating a wide-range of alternatives that shape our collective environments. As an organization, we are dedicated to making visible the processes that are involved in shaping our evolving cities by developing and providing the tools and platforms for imaginative design outcomes through informed engagement and participation. Imagine My City is a catalyst organization for the collective experiments that give shape to our evolving urban environments.

How we Imagine My City?

Imagine My City takes on projects where it is crucial that the various publics affected by urban development have the appropriate tools and platforms that allow for alternative possibilities and creative futures. Based on the specific scales and real-world criteria embedded in each project, we work on developing the various mechanisms, from cellular device apps, remote data-gathering sensor technology to running crowd-funded design competitions, to name a few, that enable the public to imagine, propose, create and disseminate their ideas. We reinforce the belief that there is a direct link between a prosperous sustainable city and collective imagination of its citizens. To that end, we are interested in collaborative partnerships and involvement with existing and new organizations that value the significance of informed public participation in the development of the collective imaginative sphere.

What we do

  • Enable and increase effective and meaningful public participation in imagining, proposing and disseminating responsible and creative alternatives to shaping our cities;
  • Propose and disseminate design-based schemes that incorporate grassroots concerns and points-of-view alongside traditional proposals and reports from industry and institutional bodies;
  • Utilize and leverage leading edge technologies and best practices in engaging, communicating, and representing publicly-driven concerns;
  • Educate the public of the complex and multiple issues involved in existing and new city-building initiatives to further enable collective ethical, informed, and concrete perspectives;
  • Provide a comprehensive depth of information as well as bring together diverse co-researchers who can form communities of practice in the service of diverse needs and interests.
  • Ensure impact through consistent dissemination activity and consideration by the appropriate decision makers.

Who we are

Imagine My City is comprised of a group of researchers, professionals, educators, academics and engaged citizens who believe in fostering untapped imagination to drive and inform urban design processes. They each bring a unique perspective and skill set to the organization and work together to bridge the gap between specialized expertise and public engagement.