City Hall's 50th Anniversary

September 13, 2015

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of City Hall!
The event was an outstanding success!

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The original event invitation follows.

How can we encourage citizens to imagine and evaluate architectural responses to critical urban issues before they are built?

To assist stakeholders in imagining a sustainable city, City VR is our first prototype for a portable virtual reality (VR) kiosk to provide a proof of concept for alternative methods of viewing, sharing and presenting crucial issues related to the future of our city. Using inexpensive VR headsets, citizens will be able to use their smart phones to experience novel immersive views of a city transformed. In doing so, we hope to extend the lessons from City VR Kiosk to empower communities to reimagine and share their aspirations about the kind of city they would like to inhabit.

For our first prototype we have identified Nathan Phillips Square as our test bed for both symbolic and practical reasons. This square provides a great context that undergoes many transformations throughout the year. It is also a site linked to many decisions made within our municipality, while it is viewed as one of the most prominent public spaces in downtown Toronto.

Our long term goal is to extend this project to other interventions such as the transformation of other public spaces across Canada. Citizens will be engaged and empowered to re-envision our city, increasing their investment in decision-making around urban sustainability initiatives and the future of the city.

Experience City VR

Join us in the official 50th Anniversary celebrations at Nathan Phillips Square on September 13th!

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